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We are on a Mission to create a World Class Digital Infrastructure for All the Companies having Maintenance revenue to deliver High Quality Service to their Clients with maximum efficiency while Also Reducing Costs.

We have observed various Industries to understand the Process and the Requirements of the Maintenance of equipment. Moreover, the Benefits of having a Good Maintenance is very Important for the Owner of the Equipment and it Pays in Long Term.

We Plan to Improve Efficiency by

  • Reducing the Communication Time for Clients and Technicians
  • Reducing the Effort & Resources used for Communication
  • Providing Round the Clock Contact Centers
  • Automation of Ticket Creation and Assignment
  • Creating and Maintaining database which can be used to resolve similar Problems in Future
IIoT Software
Maintenance Software

Our Goal is to make the Maintenance of Equipment’s Quick and Hassle Free and

  • Provide Near Real time Communication between Clients, the Maintenance Company and Technicians to Report Issues with Equipment
  • Reduce the Time from Communication of Issue to Attending it.
  • Reduce the time required to Resolve Problems
  • Repetitive Problems have to have a Database to Refer so that Technicians can look it up to Resolve the issue.
  • Enable Small Companies to Provide Professional Maintenance Services

How we Plan to Achieve the Goals

  • Use of Latest Communication Tools for Clients to Communicate with the Companies
  • Using Machine to Machine Communication to Provide Near Real Time Data about the Equipment
  • Offload Repetitive Workload to the Machines
  • Provide required Data and Tools to Attend and Resolve the Problem as Quickly as Possible.
  • Provide a Globally Accessible System which can Scale to the needs of the Clients.
  • Provide Various Financial Plans to Fit the Budgets of Different Size of Companies.
Maintenance Management Systems

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