MX 1000

MX 1000 is a IoT Device which Connects to the internet using Wi-Fi. This Device is used to monitor the States of the Inputs from the Sensors.

MX 1000 is designed and built to Connect all types of the industrial Machines to our Tensor Hub, Our Cloud Platformwhich Automatically Enrolls the Devices and Collects the Data to provide you with actionable insights.


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    Connects using Wi-Fi

    The Device uses Reliable and Available Wifi Connectivity to move the sendor data to the Cloud.

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    Enrolls Automatically

    On Connecting to the Internet The Device Automatically and Securely enrolls itself as a Device to interface with Tensor Hub.

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    Connects to Legacy Equipments

    The Device Can be Connected to All types of Equipments, Modern or Legacy with Isolated Digital Inputs within the device to Monitor the Equipment.

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    Sends Only Changes sensed by the sensors

    The device Sends only data when the Sensor indicates a Change. Sensor Data is not streamed continuously.


MX 1000 is a Smart IoT Device which connects to the internet using the WIFI Connectivity.

Once Connected to the internet the Device Automatically and Securely enrolls with our IoT Platform, Tensor Hub, to Send and Receive Data from the system.

The Device Monitors the Equipment’s Continuously and provides relevant data to the Systems for necessary Action.

MX 1000 has upto 20 Input Connections to Connect and Monitor Digital Inputs. The Device is meant only for Monitoring and does not have outputs. This is to suite certain applications which do not need output commands from the System.

The device is built to Function Smoothly in the Industrial Environment with few restrictions on Temperature and Vibrations.

The Device has multiple Security Implementations and Checks to ensure that the Connection between device and the Systemis Secure and the Data is always transferred securely to the System.

Technical Specification

Connectivity Wi-Fi
Number of Inputs Upto 20
Type of Inputs Digital Inputs Only
Enrollment to the Cloud Platform Automatic / Initiated by device
Software Upgradability Yes / OTA Upgrade
Application Consumer / Industrial
Location of Equipment Depending upon Enclosure


Offload task to

MX 1000 is Built to Offload Repetitive Task to the Computers and increasing the ease of monitoring the equipment’s without shutting down the equipment or Regularly taking apart the Equipment for manual Checks.

Monitor Equipments 24 X 7 Round the Year

The devices Monitor the Equipments round the clock and the Cloud Platform Makes Sense of the data received by it. This Near Real timeInformation at finger tips brings huge Possibilities to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and keep the Equipments in best Conditions.

Increase Capacity / Reduce Waiting Times

Thousands of devices can be Connected and Monitored Simultaneously providing huge capacities. The Near Real time Information of the Equipment Status helps companies to act immediately to ensure smooth functioning of the critical equipment and reduce Down times.

Ready to Use System

With an active Internet Connection and right tools the device can be set to Start monitoring equipment in matter of Minutes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Pay As you go model Ensures that you do not incur upfront investments into the system which frees up resources and provides flexibility. This also helps Startups and Small Companies to take advantage of the tool without paying a huge Upfront cost.

Highly Scalable

Our System grows with you. The system is designed to be highly scalable and availableso can grow from Monitoring tens of Equipment’s to Thousands without worrying about anyinfrastructure.

Globally Accessible

Our Systems are Cloud Based and hence accessible Globally and you can execute and monitor the equipment from any part of the globe. Keeping check on the Equipment Globally is available on finger tips.

Predictive Maintenance

With sensors providing information about the equipment, wearing of the parts can be detected and Predictive Maintenance becomes possible.

Multiple Applications

The devices along with the Cloud Platform can be used across multiple industries to monitor equipment at scale. This is Possible using the Cloud Platform which helps clearly identify and distinguish one device from the other even when Thousands of devices are connected.

Applications and Use Cases

System can be used across multiple Applications where a Company has only a Single Equipment Category or Even Multiple Product Categories from Various Industries. These Equipment May be at their own Premises or deployed at remote Locations


Preventive Maintenance Scheduling System

Electricity Generator Sets

IoT Device Enrollment

Elevators & Escalators

Break Down Maintenance

Industrial Controllers & Process Equipment’s

Preventive Maintenance

Medical Equipment’s

IVR for Maintenance Business

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