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The Products can have multiple users so that you can give access to the people in the organization to manage the system. However, the number of users depends on the Plan selected during Purchase.
This depends on the Plan Selected by you. It ranges from 20 to Unlimited based on the Plan Purchased by you.
You can currently buy only one number per account
You get a Virtual Phone Number for the Country your account is created in. We try to give the Phone number as close to the area of you Company address as possible. But it may not be possible all the time.
Unfortunately, that is not possible. You will be given a new Number. So, You must be sure that you do not delete this number or you can advertise the new number in future.
The credits are used up in the system depending upon the number of Calls Received or made and the messages sent. You may look into the Pricing plan to understand this better.
Credits are the Advance Amount that you have paid for the Communication using Tensor Tel. Credits are used up (deducted) from the account based on calls and messages.

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