MX Hub

MX Hub is a IoT Management Software on the Cloud which helps connect and manage the IoT Devices. It also collects and sends data to the Devices.

Mx Hub arranges the Data collected for actionable insights. Mx Hub Consists of tools that helps to monitor the Equipment and also execute commands on them.


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    Enroll Devices

    The Mx Hub connects to the devices using automatic enrollment system which is Fast and Easy.

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    Manage Devices

    The Mx Hub makes it easy to manage devices including Enroll, delete, Upgrade, etc.

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    Receives, Sends & Stores Data

    Mx Hub Receives, Sends and Stores Data from the devices for future use or review.

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    Dash Board

    The Dashboard provides information and alerts about the devices which help monitor the status of the devices.


Mx Hub is a System to Securely Connect to the devices and Transfer and receive the data from the Devices securely.

Mx Hub Ensures that the devices connected to the system are authentic and the data received by the system is from the authentic devices.

Mx Hub makes it easy to collect and send data to the device and also make timely upgrade to the device if required.

Mx Hub Provides a dashboard for a complete overview of the devices connected and the status of the devices, data, etc.

Mx Rules in the System help make rules based on the data received from the devices. These rules can execute various commands to send data to the device or raise alarm inside the system. The System can automatically act based on the data received and the rules created for repetitive tasks without human intervention.


Monitor Devices 24 X 7
Rund the Year

Mx Hub monitors the connected devices continuously without human intervention.

Collect and Send Data
to Devices

Mx hub Collects from the devices and sends data to the devices. The collected data is stored in a high performance database which can be accessed through the system.

Ready to Use

With an active Internet Connection and right tools the device can be connect to the Mx Hub to Start Monitoring and Executing the Commands on the equipment in matter of Minutes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Pay As you go model Ensures that you do not incur upfront investments into the system which frees up resources and provides flexibility. This also helps Startups and Small Companies to take advantage of the tool without paying a huge Upfront cost.

Highly Scalable

Our System grows with you. The system is designed to be highly scalable and availableso can grow fromConnecting tens of Equipment’s to Thousands without worrying about anyinfrastructure.

Globally Accessible

Our Systems are Cloud Based and hence accessible Globally and you can execute commands on the equipment from any part of the globe.

Automated Executions

Our Systems are Cloud Based and hence accessible Globally and you can execute commands on the equipment from any part of the globe.

Multiple Applications

The devices along with the Cloud Platform can be used across multiple industriesto Connect equipment at scale. This is Possible using the Cloud Platform which helps clearly identify and distinguish one device from the other even when Thousands of devices are connected.

Applications and Use Cases

System can be used across multiple Applications where a Company has only a Single Equipment Category or Even Multiple Product Categories from Various Industries. These Equipment May be at their own Premises or deployed at remote Locations.


Electricity Generator Sets

Elevators & Escalators

Industrial Controllers & Process Equipment’s

Medical Equipment’s

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