Common Questions

You can chose from the Various Plans Available in the Pricing Section of the Website. Please make sure that you Select the Country where you Plan to use the System.
Yes, we are using Separate plans for Countries. We request you to chose the plans for the country you plan to use the system.
We do not recommend this. The Basic Versions might have latency and still work but other Modules which require Telephone Systems and connectivity will not be accessible to you. Also, currently we do not offer Migrating services from one country to another. So, you may have to redo the entire System for another location.
No, We offer a Full Featured 30 Day Trial Period absolutely free for Tensor Front Only with limited users and Equipment so that you can try out the system.
Our Base Plans start at a very low rate so that you can take a test run of the system. You can visit our Pricing Page for More details.
Tensor Tel, Tensor Geo & Tensor Mx are Modules which are an addon to the Tensor Front to Raise Tickets from the Calls Received automatically. We do not Sell Tensor Tel, Tensor Geo and Tensor Mx Separately and is always an add on to Tensor Front.
You will receive the invoice within 72 Hours of receipt of your Payment. This is mainly to ensure that the Payment is actually credited to our account.

We are Offering Free Trials. Try Before you Buy.

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